This time of year is always crazy for me between photographing weddings and editing weddings and balancing some family time in there too, so when Linda from Iced and Dazzle came by yesterday to bring me cake samples as I was working away, it totally made my day!

She gave me a sample tasting box, which is what a couple would get if they are expecting around 100 guests, so they can try a variety of flavors before they picked what they wanted for their wedding cake. They are all buttercream based and… fanstastic. My husband, who is not a “cake person”, came home at lunch and ate his fair share too, so that was the real test. Thank you, Linda for sharing these with us! My favorite combination was the Deep Dark Chocolate Cake with the Very Vanilla Buttercream. Yum.

Although it goes without saying, I must add that Linda is a fantastic person to work with and I highly recomend her! If you need a wedding cake, or othersiwsise, please give her a call.

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Wedding photographer, wife to an amazing husband, mom to four wonderful boys. Blessed.

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